Well Water Testing

For FHA mortgage insurance, the following procedures are required prior to accepting a house with an individual well:

Well water must be tested in accordance with the latest local and State drinking water regulation for private wells. This includes all microbiological and chemical test parameters in the regulation. If there are no local or adequate State requirements and standards for private wells, then water quality must be tested for lead and acute contaminants, including nitrates/nitrites and microbial contaminants such as total and fecal coliform and, if of local concern, other contaminants.


The samples are to be pulled by laboratory personnel in order to control the chain of custody

Sample Acquisition $95.00
Fecal Coliform $72.00
Total Coliform $38.50
E-coli $52.50
Lead $60.00
Nitrates / Nitrites $25.00 Nitrate
  $25.00 Nitrite

Note: These samples are chilled after acquisition and processed in less than 6 hours