How to Address Bed Bugs

Treat Bed bugs

Bed bugs are a brownish colored, wingless insect that can survive up to a year without feeding. This insect is very good at hiding so in most cases evidence of this pest is discovered rather than the actual bug itself. Rusty spots on sheets and mattresses caused by a crushed bug or a bug’s fecal matter may be the first indication of bug infestation. Once you have discovered an infestation has occurred, persistence is needed to rid your bed from this pesky bug.


bb21. Inspect carpeting, light fixtures, behind outlet covers, walls, wood moldings, picture frames, and closets etc. These are excellent hiding spots for a bed bug.





bb32.Dismantle the bed and stand components and look for the bugs calling card. (Fecal matter)

Note: The infestation of a mattress is very difficult to treat. Unfortunately, the mattress may need to be discarded.



bb43. Empty the night stand and dressers.

Carefully exam under the woodwork, especially in corners or cracks.



bb54. Spray infected area with rubbing alcohol. This will kill the little pest upon contact.




bb65Dish brush the rubbing alcohol on visible eggs.




bb76Items that are removable should be washed in very hot water or discarded.




7Item that can not be washed maybe treated with direct sunlight. Begin by wrapping the item in plastic and place in direct sunlight. This will raise the temperature of the items surroundings at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

bb88. Vacuum the house to remove any eggs or bugs from the furniture, carpet, and walls. Make sure you pay close attention to cracks, seams, and corners.

Once done, throw away all containers, or empty the container outside.



9Have the Carpets Steam Clean



bb1010. Repair cracks in walls and glue down loose wallpaper.

Tips & Warnings

Bombing your home will not work with the infestation of bed bugs.

Sunlight may fade or damage articles.