TDT High Sensitivity Air Scan

TDT Air Scan for chemicals detectable by Mass Spectrometer

This is a list of chemicals that can be detected in a TDT High Sensitivity Air Scan. The scan requires the sampling of an air stream for four (4) hours.  The detection limit is between 1PPM (part per million) and 1 PPB (part per billion) depending on the specific compound.

If the test is to be used in a lawsuit, multiple sampling will be required depending on the situation.

The sampling media is time sensitive; therefore, this test will require scheduling five days in advance.

The test is divided into two areas: Quantitative and Semi quantitative.

Quantitative values are expressed in values above 10 nanograms or one part per billion.

Semi qualitative results are expressed in their presence or absence and the low or high.  Should the specific chemical require a quantitative result, a specific test will be performed for that chemical.