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Certified and Experienced Environmental Inspections in Saint Louis

At American Environmental, we understand the complexities of our environment (both indoors and outdoors). Our team is armed with 28 years of experience, valuable certifications, and a deep-rooted passion for environmental safety. We proudly serve the Saint Louis Metro Area with a wide array of environmental inspections, sample collection and analysis.  If an environmental condition concerns you, call us for consultation and further evaluation.  

Why Choose Us

  • Reader-friendly reporting: We answer your concerns in language that is easily understandable and devoid of jargon and complex terminology.
  • Experienced and certified professionals: Our team is experienced and certified in various environmental disciplines, ensuring environmental compliance.
  • Commitment to customer experience: We take pride in offering personalized service that prioritizes your needs.
  • Science-based approach: All our work is underpinned by solid scientific research and best practices in the field.

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We greatly value our customers and invite you to visit us anytime. As the sign on door reads “Come on in, we’re Awesome!”


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Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Kerry Ingredients & Flavors, Keurig-Dr. Pepper, Louisa Foods, Sensory Effects Flavor Systems

Laundry & Uniform

ALSCO, Aramark Uniform Services

Machining & Finishing

Sunnen Products, Archway Anodize

Hospital & Pharmaceutical

St. Luke's, Mercy South, Meridian Medical Technologies


Vibe Cannabis, Bloom Medicinal, Monarch Advanced Sciences

Department of Natural Resources

Missouri DNR, Missouri DNR Air Pollution Control Program